"The arts play a crucial role in changing the world
and film precedes them all."

About Farah

Farah is the daughter of Palestinians living in diaspora, who — unlike the millions that continue to remain stateless in refugee camps — were fortunate enough to make a home in 1970's Britain.

Born, raised and educated in London, Farah began her career as an institutional equity stock broker ending up with a CFA designation at JP Morgan Chase, but went on to build a children-focused business that she ran for 10 years.

As a Palestinian in diaspora, Farah always thought she understood the injustices suffered by her people. But seeing it first-hand during a visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories changed her in a deep and overwhelming way. Witnessing the treatment of children was particularly harrowing and she kept thinking "what if that was my child?"

She instinctively knew that offering sympathy and the occasional charity was no longer enough. And after months of frustration not knowing how she could make a difference, she founded a media production company, Native Liberty, whose artistic works could help others see and feel what the Palestinians experience.

In her words, "The arts play a crucial role in changing the world and film precedes them all. It gives voices to the silenced. And hearing those voices helps build the mutual understanding needed to effect change."

In June 2016, Farah launched oceansofinjustice.com that together with her films, aims to draw attention to the many ongoing injustices that the Palestinians face and raise people’s consciousness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

  • We know about this horrendous plight. We read and hear about it. But the intensity in which you've presented it hits straight to the heart.

    Janan Shihadeh‎ (Artist)
  • This production has further cemented my desire to use my own creative abilities to give service in healing Palestine.

    Lisa Durante (Founder & Editor-in-Chief, New You Magazine)
  • WOW! Everything from the words, the narration, the screenplay, the music, the artistic production, the imagery, the acting, and I can keep going on, is top notch.

    Waël Kabbani (Executive Creative Director, Iambic Dream Inc)
  • I heard and I watched and I’m deeply moved—touched to the core. The word, the image, the idea, and the emotion are all so compelling and genuine.

    Hanan Ashrawi (Palestinian legislator, activist & scholar)
  • Farah Nabulsi's extraordinary film is a landmark work.

    John Pilger ()
  • This short but masterful film shows that we are all Palestinians and they are us. There is no “other.”

    Sara Roy ()
  • This heartbreaking film, and the brutal reality of which it is a tiny sample, tell us loud and clear that the law should be enforced.

    Noam Chomsky ()
  • Israel's cruelty, a mother's pain and despair and a child's trauma are all faithfully and painfully illustrated in Farah Nabulsi's film.

    Miko Peled ()
  • The visual and verbal poetry of Farah Nabulsi’s short film powerfully conveys the horrors suffered by generations of Palestinian children, and their families, under belligerent Israeli occupation.

    Jonathan Cook ()
  • Farah Nabulsi's film provides a glimpse of the human cost of Israel's systematic detention and abuse of Palestinian children.

    Ben White ()
  • This is a brilliant film and demands to be seen.

    Ken Loach ()

Frequently asked questions

How can I contact Farah?

Please use the contact form below. Although Farah is extremely busy with the upcoming launches of her productions as well as new productions under way, she will do her best get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I visit Palestine?

If you are interested in visiting Palestine, please send Farah a message. While she does not arrange trips, she will forward your enquiry to some who does.

How can I support Farah's work?

There are many ways, ranging from hosting private screenings, introductions, student support, funding and more. Send a message introducing yourself and how you think you could support her.

Can I work with Farah?

Everything is possible! Send a message introducing yourself and more details as to what you have in mind.


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